Pre-sale RDM40

You can now order a limited pre-sale bundle for CHF 3'490 (excl. shipping & VAT).

The pre-sale offer is limited to total 30 bundles which contain the following items:
  • The RDM40 in black finish with linear power supply (switchable 115V/230V), booklet, functional block diagram and power chord
  • A limited print of 33x50cm, hand numbered, limited to 100 pieces
  • Your personal mission patch with your name and serial number on it
Feature list:
  • 4 channels with gain control, send, channel isolator, level
  • Channel 1-3 with Phono/Line input, Channel 4 with Line/Mic input
  • Signal LED on each channel with Overload indication
  • Our classic Master Isolator
  • Send per channel, global return
  • Headphone controls for level and PFL mix/Cue mix
  • VU meter indicates PGM (mix bus) or PFL
  • Outputs: House (XLR), Booth (Jack) and Record Out (RCA)
  • Linear power supply for 115/230V or 100V
* Detailed specifications and measurements will be published somewhat later in September.

We request a deposit of CHF 1'000 to confirm your pre-sale order. The remaining amount is due as soon as your RDM40 is built, tested and ready to ship.

First mixers will be delivered by October 2020. We expect to complete all pre-sale orders by the end of this year. As usual we offer a warranty of two years.

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We are proud to finally share our newest creation with you and looking forward to build a lot of mixers for planet rotary with all the passion we have!

Keep on checking our mission website, we will share more insights from time to time: https://varia-instruments.com/mission/

Simon & Marcel

Varia Instruments